Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fall Getaway In New York City

That skyline makes you fall in love with it all over again.

That's the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. Sara said that's where a lot happened in Gossip Girl.
Central Park has some very interesting nooks and corners.
NYC skyscrapers always remind me what a proud, wonderful homeland I live in. It stands tall!
I have a thing for dated, old bridges.
These showoff sea lions were right at the center of the Central Park Zoo which charges you $12 per head to access a very limited number of very ordinary animals!

The Tisch Children's Zoo admission comes along with the Central Park Zoo ticket. They're just set apart and across the street from one another. The children's zoo is much better! But again... farm animals (Llamas, sheep, bulls) don't really give you a zoo feel.
New York City Sights
Tucked away between the busy streets of the happening New York City are cozy pubs, teahouses, coffee shops, and bakeries where you can see people engaged in conversations - some meaningful and deep, and others just professional and superficial. I would want to sit there sometime and enjoy a luxurious dessert and some cappuccino.
There are people you see lining up for a broadway show in these streets. That's another one on my bucket list! These are lovers of performing arts looking for an escape.
And there is Times Square itself! It is rightfully called the Crossroads of the World and I have walked on it so many times. Each New Year's Eve this spot transforms into the most happening place on earth where there is no room for sadness. Everybody just comes together to celebrate and be happy. Take a closer look and you'd find the Swarovski crystal studded ball above the 2017 numerals. This ball drops each year to bid farewell and the numbers change. This year, they'd be changing to 2018 and with that ball drop, I'd be bidding farewell to a very sour year.

This kid. Whoever you are... if you happen to cross by my blog. I envied you in that moment of time because you had the pleasure of enjoying your drink on a very cold New York City night in good company and later some moments of peace by yourself.
There's a baboon in this photo, if you can tell!
The baboon family.
Such pleasure ... the remains of an Ibex ... pre-Halloween celebration.
Most of the Central Park Zoo was a no show. Even the grizzly bear was asleep. That's my darling niece trying to wake her up.
Let's get back to Tisch Children's Zoo
Pond, meet my readers. Readers meet pond.
I am pretty sure this animal had a proper name. But my guess was that this is a kangaroo and goat hybrid. A Goataroo!
 Monumental sheep statue! *rolls eyes*
 Meet the Llama. There was a warning there "Look Out Alapacos Can Spit"
 I almost missed this big guy sitting all alone in the corner. He wasn't too photo friendly.
 Like I said ... monumental!

Had this guy been real... the Central Park Zoo would have scored well on The Abbie meter. 
At least one person had a good time...
 M&m's World was a good one!
 And those are my hotel's Halloween decorations!

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