Sunday, July 30, 2017

Clearing The Brain Fog With London Fog

My brain has an annoying habit of fogging up during days when chaos levels are so high you don't have time to attend to bathroom needs. I find moments of peace when in between most hated trips; to the hardware store, the everyday grocery mart, doctors' offices, I get to sip some Chai at a Starbucks Coffee (ironic!) and I consciously mute all instructions being shot at me. The Life of Abbie plays like a big Greek tragedy and the basic dramatic psychosis keeps going on and on. So, as soon as the effects of the Italian bergamot and lavender in the London Fog Tea Latte disappear, I turn the keys in the ignition and get going again. Another irony (too much iron in this piece of writing) is the portrait of the landscape in the background (the picture up there! ^). That woman is a bit too relaxed --- mockingly relaxed --- like hair hanging free off a bench type relaxed. 
Life's routine has not normalized for me since Ramadan ended. I know, I know. It's been a month already. But I still haven't decluttered my HQ solid enough to be announced for Summer. There are zones that look like an Armageddon aftermath. These include my wardrobe, the guest room storage closet, and the guest room dresser area itself.  
How did things get out of hand? O, it always comes to this. Since September of last year (2016) I have been slacking. One after another some grand event was coming up and I kept piling undone things. Now that Hajj, Hajj party, Umrah, travels, Ramadan, Eid, and everything else is over I can put the decorations back into the storage boxes and stow them away. I am working on rotating things in my wardrobe so if Tom Riddle's basilisk is living somewhere in there I can evict him. What else is a landlady for?
The brain fog has made me forgetful, and I have resorted to posting notes as reminders for myself everywhere. I know I will (or someone else will) re-clutter my clothes piles so I have posted categories of the piles on top of them on the wall as a reminder. I intend to shock myself with my own personal management skills.
While I am fighting a seemingly endless battle with all this INSIDE the house, the OUTSIDE is screaming for attention. The heat wave of summers has toasted the yard crispy and I am guilty because I had the irrigation system sealed shut in Fall. Why? Because there was too much water wastage - it was watering the streets! And meet another horror!

Every year I was paying $400 just to had this backflow pressure valve inspected! Yes, the water company has concerns that harmful contaminants from the irrigation system (the innocent irrigation system!) would flow back into the water supply and contaminate drinking water. So I had to pay the price! Crazy how the previous homeowners were dead broke but they still had a $400 annual inspection going just to keep sprinklers running. Plus, every winter I paid about $180 to have the system 'winterized' where they blow water out of everything and seal the system shut until I pay $180 again in Spring to re-open! CRAZY! And despite all this ... every winter this crazy machine would freeze and then explode! Yes! Kaboom! Water spray all over! Got it pulled out! Sprinkler system is now officially closed!
A very boring and sweaty trip to the hardware store (Home Depot) resulted in a genius sprinkler that rotates! To speed things up a bit, we picked it up and watered the expanse of territory we have by hand!  
So, anyway, those are the mundane bits that sort of aggravated my brain fog this month. It took a trip to Hot Topic and some retail therapy with Harry Potter merch to clear it up. 

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