Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Karachi Kahani: Here We Go Again

Here we go ...
It was only last year (2016) when my plane landed in Karachi city and I enjoyed a month of foodings and family drama. There I was once again, for a shorter but more trying stay. I had packed that relaxant along just in case I needed it, after having given it up. Alhamdulillah (All praise for Allah) I didn't touch a single pill. Go self restraint! 
 [Photo from Google: Night time view of the Clifton, DHA areas - my hometowns]
DISCLAIMER: Karachi is called the City of Lights. It is one of the jewel cities of Pakistan and is inhabited by all kinds of ethnic groups from the country. It is bordered by the Arabian sea to its south. That is where I used to live - near the beach. My childhood was truly blessed. The biggest and nastiest challenges were mostly posed by the corrupt influences on systems (educational, business, and corporate).  The country as a whole struggles economically and is plagued by corrupt, self-serving politicians who do not let it rise to its true potential. So, while I rant and babble about the many troubles I face there, I am also in love with some forever beautiful memories.
To begin with ... 
When you move in to stay at a house that's been locked away (and not maintained) for a long time AND happens to be near the seaside --- you see damage. The plumbing was acting off and midway during a shower the water turned to glacier melt. I may be a Winter born but I am not fond of frostbite - particularly when my 'behind' is in question. And I take a long shower because I do my laundry in there as well. So I was screaming in sheer agony. Fortunately the handy dandy plumber was summoned and he remembered us basket cases and he fixed the damned water heater.  
Last year, Chai was a disaster. This year, Mom got the formula right and thanks to Olpers we were all very happy. I remember Olpers and there vibrant family ads on TV. 
I grew up here ... the memories are; both, precious and bitter. The place has so much hard work and emotions of my parents invested in each piece, each corner. 
Thanks to the flight timings of the Washington DC to Karachi via Dubai route, the jet lag was not so bad. I didn't slip into in a drugged state for a week before regaining my senses from the hangover.
It takes 4 hours for me to get to New York City in New York state from Maryland which is my state of residence. This is the same amount of time that it takes for you to get from one end of Karachi to the other.   

Karachi city was busy turning into a gianormous food carnival. This year we tried Ginsoy Extreme Chinese! Amazing! Chicken Dynamite (the awesomeness covered in yellow sauce on the right) has got to be the most amazing appetizer. Mongolian Chicken is on my kitchen to-do list. 
 Salt 'n Pepper Village used to be my most favorite themed diner. The theme is village of course, and the decor is adorable! The food is just delicious and the buffet has over 100 dishes. I found the same quality, the same fun, and the same entertainment. 

That hot chocolate froth is the post-rain street flood we had to drive through! The drainage system does not support super heavy rain and this happens! We enjoyed watching this again! I remember how school days used to become so difficult because of these.

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