Thursday, April 28, 2016

Abbie Says: #24 "X-Factor Exists! Believe It"

I am an X-factor believer. To me X-factor means --- well it means a whole lot of things and the definition keeps changing as I witness all the other factors of the ABCs. That' how know what is NOT the X-factor. 
An X-factor human being is one who actually serves the definition of being human well. No lies, no cheating, great presence, great morals --- you get the picture? They are noteworthy, they have moral fiber, and they are capable of making real statements. You do not get phony vibes from them, you don't sense any malicious intents, their eyes don't lie, and they act spontaneously and well instead of being made-up and fake. 
CAREFUL!!! I don't mean they are perfect. They embrace their imperfections, learn from them, improve upon them, and then make their journey known to the world so they appear 100% real. There are no lies about them, no secrets, and no hidden hypocrisy in their lifestyles.
I am an X-factor woman. I portray what I am on the inside and what you see is what you get. automatically, I withdraw from phony-phenomenon, from superficial attitudes, and malicious intents. I am loyal, I stay honest, and I mean well generally. 
I believe if i can be an X-factor woman --- there has got be others!

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