Thursday, April 21, 2016

Abbie Says: "#18 Rage Constructively"

I rage a lot! As a teen my parents would never have put up with rage fits --- so I never raged expressively. No punching the walls and breaking furniture. It was mostly severe ranting in a very sorry little personal diary. And then, in the late teens I emerged as a Gothic poetess. Can you imagine the awesomeness I am talking about here? Think My Chemical Romance but female! There wasn't much difference between me and Gerard Way because I was the same beautiful chubby-faced, pale, eyeliner Goth girl he looks like *SALUTES*
Now that is productive --- the poetess part --- while that sorry journaling of self-pity is destructive. But I still scored a normal on my teen chart, considering I had an attention-seeker girlfriend who like cutting her wrists horizontally [not vertically, that ensures instant bleed to death situation]. She got a lot of negative attention out of that superficial cutting thing she had working for herself. 
It's okay to be angry but the deal is not to let it boil over like molten lava because your own rear end will catch fire! I mean we've all seen Carrie! 
There's nothing more beautiful than channeling your anger into artistic energy. As a matter of fact, all negative emotions can be directed to create incredible artistic expressions. You can draw, paint, cook, tell stories, speak, sing, dance, craft, blog, and the skies are not the limit.
Each artist [and every one of us is one] gets their unique expression from the unique experiences they have been through. I am reminded of a wonder woman, Muniba Mazari - the first Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan, and Asia's first wheelchair bound TV host. She creates beautiful art and her profile reads:
"Ms Mazari chose art as a way to break free from the fetters of her physical disability and transcend into the vibrant world of her dreams. Her art is a glimpse into her aspirations in life, her fears and her never fading hope. It is a depiction of memories that may have once haunted her but have now transformed into opportunities, passion and resilience. She is running her brand by the name 'Muniba's Canvas'. Her paintings are not merely paintings, they depict her life story. They are dwellings from the beautiful dreams that have pushed her to achieve what many abled people have failed to achieve."
I feel that rage pours out as a different energy altogether - a positive one - at the other end after going through 'creative processing'. This is the reason today's advice is "Rage Constructively" because your anger, depression, or grief can take you to dark places. Or, you may choose to become a living legend.


  1. "Your own rear end will catch fire..." :D I love you! This entry is sooo true.


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