Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fall Festivity

Fall came and went by like a gust of wind. It feels like it was yesterday that I was enjoying the ecstatic daily march to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter; we were celebrating OctoNovember, and then the scene changed to me waving goodbye to the beautiful season of colors. There was travel, there was embracing the new country (the beautiful USA), and there were coffees sipped. Fall 2015 was so memorable, so emotionally powerful, and will be missed to bits! Without further ado, I give you the closeups of Fall adventure board.

I stuck to the top corner floral arrangement that I started off with the Spring adventure board. The white burlap flowers remained pinned along with the gold snowflake ornament like loyal friends that stay true regardless of seasons. Of course I cut up shiny Fall leaves, some burlap, bought from Dollar Tree and created a new Fall floral arrangement. 

That's the Starbucks limited edition artsy cup in all its artistic pride right there.  SBUX had asked fans to send in drawings and doodles done on SBUX cups and the winner design was to launch as a limited edition cup. I loved it! It looked like doodles - half colored, half incomplete [like my soul].

I was naturalized this Fall. It sounds like a medical procedure to non-jargon understanding people but it actually means taking an oath to becoming an official, legal citizen of the United States Of America - the greatest country in the world. Everyone who was being naturalized at the Oath Ceremony was given that mini flag and that reading paper with the Pledge Of Allegiance and the national anthem. I pinned the souvenirs to the adventure board! I have yearned to do this since eternity!

In memory of my trip to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter and stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort Hotel, I pinned the Bayliner Diner (Cabana Bay), and a Guide Map of the Universal Parks. The travel trunks and sea waves picture I cut out from a magazine (poor visibility in the photos) went perfect with the theme. There's Cabana Bay map there too.

Macy's sent me a little wish. Well, so did the other places that I love. But Macy's actually mailed that to me. Up it went on my adventure board.

That's all from this season's Adventure Board mi loves. Did you do something creative this season? Let me know.

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