Monday, October 5, 2015

Vendetta Against The World: Prologue

[Graphics Credits: masquerade_by_hherotikko-d363ddh on Deviant Art]

I try to understand but fail, 
In my mind as I try to unravel this tale,
Of people and their mind-works,
Politics, greed, and the social scale.
I have been tried, tested, wronged, and agitated,
Imitated, deceived, and; yet, celebrated.
I live a content, extravagant legend,
A new motto: "I won't attempt to mend"
Any mistake on anyone's part,
To bring me down or break my steel heart.
Like a fortress I'll defend my stance,
Against the sickeningly absurd.
And so I am now on a journey -
A vendetta against the world.

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