Friday, October 2, 2015

The Scribe Of Excalibur

Come, ye of the subtle, sane mind,
Dive into an ethereal world.
The Scribe of Excalibur welcomes thee,
To hear a mystic melody.
This is Excalibur - the halcyon land,
Where the flowers of prose and poem grow.
This is where the spirit
Of a hermit scribe glows.
No cloak of fear this scribe adorns,
No quiver of guilt it feels.
Pouring a nectar of humble rhyme,
In an artistic silence it heels.
Look closer,
The petty, ardent scribe
Is a diamond in the rough.
It glitters in the amber sun of critique,
It sails through challenging waters tough.
Sit by the patient willow,
On the banks of the cerulean lake,
Like a glorious swan, the scribe sails.
As the moon rises, twilight fades,
Like a peacock, the scribe hails.
Fables, ballads, sonnets, songs,
The scribe of Excalibur will sing to thee,
Of summer showers, autumn colors,
Spring's zenith, and flowery.

Image by Morgan Dragonwillow


  1. such a beautiful piece of poetry, Abbie <3

    1. Hey Noor! Thanks a ton. I wrote this for a poetry competition on and this baby won me an award badge. *takes a bow* All those difficult words in there were keywords you were supposed to put in.


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