Thursday, October 15, 2015

If The Cage Were To Open

If the cage were to open,
And my wings were to take flight,
I'd fly away to find that magic place
That's been blossoming in my mind's sight.

I'd drive to my favorite coffee place
And sit with a cuppa at a corner table.
A hundred adventures I'd write about
Without a rhyme, reason, or cliched label.

I'd find a stone bridge upon a secret garden
And scream my name from over it.
I'd spend the day sitting in the shade
Under a tree on a bug-free tuffet.

If no one was to watch after me,
I'd sing and dance my poetry.
If no one was to notice me,
I'd paint the world with my artistry.

I'd take the plane north to Norway
And gaze upon the Northern Lights.
If my fears were to abandon,
I'd dive off fearless from lethal heights.

If the cage were to open,
I'd disappear into the distant horizon.
Or perhaps walk towards the camera
In my background - a great big explosion! 

If no was to stand guard,
I'd steal from the rich and give to peasants.
Lady Robin Hood they'd call me
As I'd distribute their presents.

If the cage were to open,
And all bounds to disappear,
I'd conquer the world
Without doubting fear.


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