Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here Again, On The Road Less Traveled

I have walked the predictable;
Been treading on the obvious,
Hiking up the mundane;
An ordinary reality; rather nauseous,
But I make a turn now at the day's end
An inner reality has unraveled.
Walking towards an adventure,
Here again on the road less traveled.

I have never known where it leads,
All forks and turns remain unknown.
I follow a yearning for an adventure,
Oh! How fond I have grown.
Of the unplanned; unseen, unexpected,
Of the most ridiculed way.
Because it fits not the social master plan
Makes me a stowaway.

I carry no maps and take life as it comes,
As I walk this puzzling road.
I am hopeful of God's Master Plan,
He will find me an abode.
To rest the case of my burdened soul,
To accomplish my one true goal,
Of living a life well-lived,
Of servitude and privilege.

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