Saturday, September 12, 2015

Occasional Mind Mess

This is Abbie again. Babbling from the Cray Planet. I just thought I'd let it out because it has been bubbling in there again. I have been writing a LOT in my personal journal. It is pretty innocent looking but it has a hidden alter personality of the Monster Book Of Monsters. Allegorically, and subliminally, I rip villains to shred in that diary. And, I am not even 1% afraid of having it read by somebody. Those days are over.

So, I have been in a giant mind mess lately and there is absolutely no reason for The Sink. I call the down in the dumps feeling "The Sink". It sort of triggers psychologically [of course] and feels like a heavy sink in the pit of the stomach. It has been a weirdo September so far. I mean, it is one of those periods when a weird mind fog sort of clouds everything: thinking, dreams, goals, plans, and etc. It is like a technical difficulty of the mind that keeps me from functioning to my 100% potential and the best way to get rid of that is to free-write it out.

Towards ending writing this entry I found a video by AgentXPQ [one of my favorite YouTube artists] and it sort of explains The Sink a lot.

Intimidating The Sh#! Out Of 'Em
MFK shared a really neat graphic about why different star signs are still single. There were the ol' days when star signs were such a buzz. Regardless of the fact that I do not care whether the newspaper said my day was 3 stars or 4 stars [come on! I didn't even read that madness], everybody always loved reading about 'em. I am a Scorpie [there is nothing cute about the evil way I say Scorpie]. It reads that the reason I am still single is that I intimidate the excreta out of people. I get that a lot. I guess they should start manning up. Until then I roll solo.


Pre-Fall Pumpkin Spice Latte To Calm The Nerves
Fall is close. Can't wait. The early Pumpkin Spice Latte was definitely a great treat to calm my agitated nerves. I went skimmed-milk and no whipped cream this time because I have been shoveling sugar into my system. It was SIL baking first, then a wedding anniversary cake by Sara (Sara's Baked Creations), and yaddi yaddi yadda. 
Disney Movies For The Confused Mind?
We were watching Tarzan [cartoon movie] a couple of days ago. I was having a tough time tolerating that ape man in a loincloth. Disney did a good job defying physics and not letting the lioncloth fly away when he took a swing on the jungle vines. *evil grin* And we thought Jane was pretty lovestruck, hopeless romantic from scene one! 
Chores For The Weak-Hearted
Sorting through dirty underwear, vacuuming dust webs from crevices and corners, mopping funny liquids and semi-solid goo from the kitchen floor, and etc. are the life of me and Sara every once in a while. We were doing just that this past week. And it does not help when they leave Snapple to leak in the refrigerator.

WORD OF THE WEEK: Always Be A Something/Someone to Somebody
MFK shared a video by "Video Maker/Prankster" [as he calls himself] Kazim Ale and it brought tears to my eyes. Kazim Ale asks strangers to celebrate his birthday and says he is lonely in LA. People either have safety/privacy or ego issues and they push him away. There is one guy though... who reacts differently. This managed to bring tears to my eyes.


  • Clean your desk/work space and your room! It really puts things into perspective.
  • Always have funky colored pages to organize your thoughts on.
  • Write in your journal a whole lot. 
  • Type a free-write sort of blog and share stuff that's stood out to you. 
  • Cook a lot! 


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