Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mythos: A Majestic Fine Dining Experience

[Photos by Sara]

Each time we are at Universal Orlando we dine at Mythos. In the words of
As you approach the towering rock formations, cascading waterfalls and ancient figures carved into the side of Mythos Restaurant® you know you're in for a dining experience unlike any other. This award-winning restaurant offers exceptional contemporary cuisine in a setting to spark the imagination. describes the interior as:
A craggy grotto on The Lost Continent®, the cavernous interior of the restaurant looks as if it’s been carved from the rock by the very gods whose images are etched into the walls.
 I recognize the bearded man in the stone murals as the sea god Neptune. I remember watching the mermaid tail god emerging right out from the ocean in Jason and the Argonauts.

The Christmas tree was up, and I was reminding them of my reservation. I always book a day early for dinner so there's no big wait time for the family. 

We ordered the flatbread appetizer. This was basically delicious pizza-like goodness on seriously well-done bread.

I am not a Sushi fan. I honor the philosophy of cooking food before eating it. Mythos' sushi is cooked! And delicious.

Another appetizer was something like spanakopita. There was spinach and cheese inside a crunchy little pocket.

Tacos! How I love the metal serveware they served these on. The idea of salad in a crunchy lettuce leaf is so brilliant! I am definitely re-creating this some day.

The seared salmon is my mother's usual favorite and this is the third time we ordered this delicious thing. It is so awesomely done that the juices hold and the seasoning is perfect.

We always order their Pad Thai. Its angel hair spaghetti and a serving of delicious shrimps!

Mythos' Creme Brulee has got to be the first dessert that has a small portion size and that was GOOD! Served on a delicate doily, their creme brulee was superb!

Another dessert that was ordered at our table at the Mythos was this deadly ice cream. It was crushed oreo cookies delight inside the giant ice cream scoop, and two brownie cakes with ice cream scoop centers rested in the middle. There was fudge sauce drizzled all over.

Lavazza cappuccino has to be a usual after-dinner beverage on each of our trips to Mythos. They serve their sugar on a stick! 
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