Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jurassic Park Adventures

The Jurassic Park movies' musical background score begins to play in my head when I reach this gate at the Islands Of Adventure at the Universal Orlando Resort. In fact, I begin playing that music out using my vocal chords in extreme situations. Those beacons continue to burn day and night!  
Jurassic Park features the famous T-Rex attacking the jeep scene right out of the movies. This is the biggest hot spot for photographs at Jurassic Park. We actually had to wait in line to get a photograph taken. 

This guy is the hero of Jurassic Park. Seriously! It was the T-Rex that was the real rockstar in the movie. 
 Daytime zoom of the T-Rex
Daytime Photo Of The Jurassic Park Scene

Massive Dino Skeleton Inside The Discovery Center

Jurassic Lab: Dino Egg Just Hatched

Another view of the dinosaur skeleton

T-Rex at the Discovery Center

Dinosaur Fossil Rock

River Adventure: The dinosaur river safari


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