Friday, April 3, 2015

Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando

Sara and I went retro at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Universal Orlando opened Cabana Bay last year and offered seriously good prices. I was sitting and watching the packages like a hawk. They came with seriously low priced park-to-park tickets for Universal Orlando Resort. We needed park-to-park to be able to ride the Hogwarts Express. Our booking was for a family suite and a standard room. The suites at the pool side were all booked and it was only summer and I was booking for December! Our suite; nevertheless, had the same floor plans and amenities.

Cabana Bay Room Tour
There was a very impressive welcome message on my TV screen when we switched it on. I love it when hotels personalize the welcome message and put my name on TV screens. It makes me feel like I'm Helena Bonham Carter checking in.
There was a kitchenette as the door opened into the room! Wow! And we needed that because of the microwave. Us ladies are 'oatmeal for breakfast at 5am' people and that's why we need a micro to start the day. The overhead mounted shelves were a bonus and their color scheme was so funky. There was a fridge under the sink, and a coffee machine. I really loved the tiny counter top on the left right there. It had two orange cushioned stools on the other side for dining.
This cute five-seater lounge with all the bright orange and blues was right next to the kitchenette. There was a TV right there! A second one was in the bedroom! TWO TVs! OMG! Two TVs! Because there was a divider privacy screen behind this TV between the lounge and the bedroom.
Welcome to the bedroom! This was the very place where Bestie Sara and I shared sweet Wizarding World adventure dreams. *swoons* That brown wooden wall is the divider screen behind which is the awesome lounge you just saw up there. I cannot forget the beautiful nights I spent in this family suite with Mum and Sara, enjoying the Great Grad Trip.
That's our building, Starlight. There were three (I think) buildings to the hotel. Americana and Thunderbird were the other two. The distance between them was big! Long walk! This photo was taken from outside the lobby. P.S. The bald uncle photobombed my photo.
Cabana Bay had some pretty amazing photo-taking spots. I mean, that wall up there was huge! Oh, and it was past Christmas so the place was decked with festive decor. Those are just some of the fabulous photos I have for Cabana Bay Beach Resort hotel.



  1. This place was so funky! I loved the retro cars outside too! We should totally make this a harry potter trip routine to stay here :D

  2. The place is really nice. I love that greeting on the TV. I saw this place at Reservation Counter and it was very affordable.

    1. Oh yes! It is very affordable and it functions like a five star! I loved the family suite with the kitchenette.


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