Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit Fangirl Shelf

It took a little while (2 or 3 years) to get my Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit merchandise together and arrange a dedicated fan girl shelf. The most adorable feature are the Hobbit Feet Slippers that came in from the WB Shop. These were a birthday gift from family on my 26th. They are super comfy and I often wear them to make my feet cozy at night when I am sitting at the table and my feet are down there in the cold. I am always cold regardless of the weather. 

Books, movie companions, and paperback novels are the best parts of any merchandise. This year Bestie gifted me the Lord Of The Rings books and the movie companion. Personally, I would never have bought these because I am a miser when it comes to recreational expenses (on myself). With the Hobbit slippers came the Hobbit spiral journal. The latest addition is the Hobbit leather journal below. I came up with an idea of jotting down 1001 facts about myself in the journal - but let me see what happens. 

There is also the black LOTR mug. I have a favorite movie quote [a Samwise Gamjee speech] that I printed out as a mini poster. Also note Gollum sitting on top of the books.

The castle with the dragon at the side is a candle and incense holder! I got from Walmart for around $7 or $8. The actual price was $10.99 I believe but since a small chunk of the dragon's wing is broken I found it on clearance. It works with the idea of Erebor (fortress) and Smaug. The figurine that looks like a dwarf with a barrel is actually a mountain troll that I got from Norway where troll folklore is popular. It looks like a dwarf for all I know! Gandalf, Hobbits, and Lord Of The Rings sign are cake toppers from a rocking Hobbit Superstar Birthday Cake bestie made for me. 

Last but not least my $5 Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey poster forms the backdrop of this shelf display, I purchased it from Five Below and I seriously couldn't believe the price. I just propped it up in the background against the shelf. It is the map of Middle Earth, simply, but the super large size works so well for me.

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  1. This looks fantastic! I've read the books once or twice and I guess I'm just barely in the fandom xD but this looks amazing!


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