Friday, October 24, 2014

Bestie's 23rd Birthday Bash

October 19th, 1991: The world's cutest baby, my partner in mischief, the light of my life, and the world's best girl person was born. Allow me to officially introduce you to Sara - the baking genius behind Sara's Baked Creations. My folks were not planning on a baby (they tell us) so Sara was the extra cherry on the cake. Let me tell you ... the world should know ... having an extra cherry on the cake is ROCKING. She is the person who gives meaning to my life, keeps my head in line (otherwise the voices inside would drive me to the madhouse), and is my ultimate BFF for life.

We're both queen bees - the world should know. 

The baking maestro adorned me with her super girly pink cupcakes apron. *flinches in shock* My Halloween shirt went into a total eclipse mode behind the pink rainbow-ness.

The Star Tip became my first piping tip. I chose to make the cake covered in star blobs of different (super girly) colors. I had chosen 5 colors: pink, yellow, green, orange, and purple. I wanted to do cake pops but I bailed out and did mini cupcakes instead when I felt I should not meander into untested realms of cake pop making. I did go ahead with my Candyland idea and incorporated two lollipops though. The pinwheel has got to be my favorite piece. 

There was leftover batter from the mini chocolate cupcakes and I decided to inaugurate the Cake Boss Cakelette pan! The cakelettes came out perfect! I had FUN experimenting with the pan, the tools, and the piping bag/tips. Sara is probably going to review the Cakelette pans on her blog, so stay tuned in.

Before the mad rush, I did the birthday breakfast prep. The traditional setting is the dining table but that is not the Bestie Zone. The center table in the family room is the Bestie Zone, so that became the breakfast venue. 

Items Used:
  • Minion plastic table cover
  • Mini Minion plush toy 
  • Minion party plates

Minion toy up close. They aren't as yellow as I like them to be. But, this is licensed merchandise so I am not complaining. I love the party plates!

A sinfully sugar-loaded, calories-infested, chocolaty cereal is our idea of a Bestie cereal. I couldn't find coco scoops which are traditional Bestie Cereal so I picked up the appealing coyote.

Breakfast Menu:

  • Cookie Crisp cereal
  • Eggo Nutri Grain Whole Wheat Waffles (our Wizarding World Breakfast Tradition)
  • Tater Tots
  • Dole Juice (a.k.a. Juicy)
Mum & I collected some seriously amazing gifts for Sherris! I envy the birthday loot!

The Harry Potter Plush Blanket 
Mr. Frankie (the yellow furry ball)

Red Plaid Dress (they are SO popular these days!)

Red Plaid Shirt
Red w/ Gold Hearts full-sleeved shirt

A 2nd KitchenAid mixing bowl (for big baking projects)

Cupcake pens (for the baking orders!)

Owl pendant necklace (Bestie has been chasing that for a long time!)
I <3 Baking Brooch (loved it! bought it for the baker in my life)

Glittery Gold Cardigan (must have!)
Waterfall Style, sleeveless vest cardigan in red and black (superb!)

Sonia Kashuk perfume, body lotion, and body wash (the little lady needs pampering!)
Photo Box (because she has to have one)

Hogwarts Bag (this is envious!!! and this is going to the Wizarding World)

Cake Boss Baking Tools Holder
Cake Boss Fondant Pattern Roller
Cake Boss Writing Pad

These were gifted by our brother and sister-in-law.  

Fondant Mold

iPhone 6 Case (the black one's mine - of course!)


Mom and I picked baking theme cards for our baking genius.

A cupcake pendant was a lucky impulse buy.

This is the top rack of the Cake Trolley. It has lights wrapped all around the edges.

Le Cake!

The balloons also fell in place to compliment the baking theme. This girl is super lucky.


The pink leopard (pronounced Leo-Paard by the Bestie duo) became a bonus.

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