Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Novel Reality Banner

Novel Reality is one of my favorite blogs/vlogs, written/presented by Victoria Kennedy. She's an ardent YA genre fan like me, and I got to know her through the Better in Black group on Facebook exclusive to Shadowhunters around the world. Victoria asked me to design a blog banner for her, and I was super excited to do it for her. She's a book and movie lover, like me, and I adore reading/watching her adventures unfold on her blogs/vlogs. Another fun activity she's into is cosplay - particularly vampire cosplay.

She specified an open book and a wolf howling somewhere in the graphic. I incorporated those in a fantasy-fiction collage. The open book represents 'novel' and the open eye represents 'reality'. The world in between is a realm of fantasy mixing with the real. It is a collage, so I have taken graphics from various sources and edited them for the complete effect.

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