Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About The Abbie

🎬Welcome to Chapter XXXi🎞️. This is different, this is going to be bold. ☠️ This is the real me. I’m embracing the freak that I am, because I cannot allow the world to define me. For those who seek to know me, listen to no one ... the original would be talking. Last year, I defeated my fears. This year, I'll unleash the freak! No shame! The only orders I take are from the Master of the Universe, and the only judgements I allow come from those whose names I bear on my heart 🖤 Following Captain Jack Sparrow's doctrine, if you are not looking for trouble ... "What a horrible way to live!" November 2017 - November 2018.

I co-own Sara's Baked Creations - a home baking project started by my sister Sara (the baking genius!) - and contribute mostly as the advice-giving consultant. Sara creates magic while I watch/help/take photos and videos. Cakes, cookies, sweet treats - you name it, she makes it! Of course my birthdays (and everybody else's in the family) are spectacular because of the genius in the house! Occasionally, I spin out a masterpiece or two myself! Those photos are my humble creations!


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  1. Hello Abbie,
    I am Dan of the editorial team of JustFiction Publishing, a publishing house specializing in publishing novels, fiction, poetry and short stories of all genres from new, aspiring and experienced authors.
    I liked your about me page, very creative! I also have a D of E award, I did my expedition in Wales. Would you consider starting a conversation about possibly publishing your work? You can reach me at d.(my surname)@(my website minus www).com
    I'd be delighted to tell you more about us :)


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