Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About The Abbie

Cheers! To those that make me!
Salute! To those that break me!
Broken pieces make me whole!
My crime's insanity, I'm on parole!
Ride's wild, but I shall drive!
I shall prevail! I shall survive!

- Much love, The Abbie 
🎬Welcome to Chapter XXXii🎞️. This is different, this is bold. ☠️ This is the real me. I’m embracing the freak that I am, because I cannot allow the world to define me. For those who seek to know me, listen to no one ... the original would be talking. I am defeating my fears one by one. I am unleashing the freak. No shame! The only orders I take are from the Master of the Universe, and the only judgements I allow come from those whose names I bear on my heart 🖤 Following Captain Jack Sparrow's doctrine, if you are not looking for trouble ... "What a horrible way to live!" 

I co-own Sara's Baked Creations - a home baking project started by my sister Sara (the baking genius!) - and contribute mostly as the advice-giving consultant. Sara creates magic while I watch/help/take photos and videos. Cakes, cookies, sweet treats - you name it, she makes it! Of course my birthdays (and everybody else's in the family) are spectacular because of the genius in the house! Occasionally, I spin out a masterpiece or two myself! Those photos are my humble creations!

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