Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About The Abbie

Hey you! I'm The Abbie - a 30 year old living in Maryland, USA, here on this blog, & of course, in a fantasy state of mind.

Let's begin by saying that I am the family's almost perfect; experimental, first-born who has been raised by default as the emotionally powerful, multitasking, decision-making alpha. You might need a manual to run this piece of machinery. Take a seat.
Contrary to the popular idea held by Desi (Brown, South Asian) people of the likes of my origin, I am actually using my education (and honor roll achievements!) despite being a homemaker. I'm a landlord (landlady to be precise!) by profession and I'm using my MBA in Human Resource Management to manage ... well, the human resources that clog sinks and toilets and break walls! 

I co-own Sara's Baked Creations - a home baking project started by my sister Sara (the baking genius!) - and contribute mostly as the advice-giving consultant. Sara creates magic while I watch/help/take photos and videos. Cakes, cookies, sweet treats - you name it, she makes it! Of course my birthdays (and everybody else's in the family) are spectacular because of the genius in the house! 
I have quite the global footprint and a crazy case of wanderlust that has taken me to Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, and USA. I love sharing my adventures. Egypt is the missing one on my bucket list!

The kitchen is my lab where I create food masterpieces. I cook for a family of 6 (myself included!) and the hustle is real! Don't miss the recipe adventures that I have tried at Abbie's Cafe

I talk to myself - entire conversations, sometimes enactments of two characters from my imagination.
I hate chic-flicks, rom-coms, and anything non-action, non-thriller.
I wear a bite plate to sleep (TMJ!)
I practice my RJ voice when I am alone in my car.
I have named my car ARROW - it is a SHE - and the name's inspired by Arrow, the TV show.
I dance in my bathroom
I have transitional vertebrae.
I eat powdered milk.
I never eat full portions of any dessert. Always bite size.
I never eat from a dish that has very little left of something - or something that's lesser in quantity than the number of people.
I want to adopt a child and raise her/him well.
When I wash dishes and set them at the side on the dish rack, I pretend I'm a cashier checking out customers!
I used to be 87 kilograms.
I don't believe in soulmates / true love, or anything along those lines.
I am obsessed with masquerade masks, feathers, journals, notepads, crafty bits!
I have webbed toes.
I forgive, but I NEVER forget.
My desk/room is always messy.
I am single and I intend to stay that way.
When a movie theater is almost empty - it creeps me out!
My first crush was Kenny Morrison (Atreyu) from the Neverending Story.
My all time favorite vacation spot is the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Orlando Florida.
I am a writer - I write!

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  1. Love your blogspot =D found you via google thanks to me looking up honor cords, I'm graduating with summa cum laude and wanted to know if cords, stole and medallion was too much lol, I'll definitely will keep reading here.


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