Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Hobbit - Production Video #8 Larger Than Life

Where do you go? What do you do?  The creative magic of, first the Lord Of The Rings and now, The Hobbit leaves one spellbound. There are some seriously high quality artists involved in every bit and piece and in every nook and corner of this movie and its sets. It's larger than life.
The video blog starts off with an account of The Hobbit's grand show at the ComicCon 2012. I wish I was in San Deigo to have waved at Peter Jackson's iPhone as the direction guru made his way to the podium to address LOTR fanatics.
Following the ComicCon, we get a sneak peak of the wonderful last days of shooting of the cinematic masterpiece. With a movie like The Hobbit, or previously for the LOTR trilogy, the spirits of the artists connected to it fail to damper despite anything. Each time I dive into the avalanche of team spirit flowing right out from the production videos, I can feel goosebumps! I cannot help but envy the careers of the actors and artists associated with the movie. They live in this beautiful, artistic, surreal reality and enjoy the most majestic of stories known to humankind.
And then, I marvel at Sir Peter Jackson, the man with the most outstanding of direction skills and the most biggest and most imaginative of visions on planet earth. Even more genius are the prosthetic make up artists and the set designers who create and recreate Middle Earth with persistent precision and dedicated enthusiasm. The hardwork put into maintaining the continuity of scenes, people, places, and dialogue in the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit requires a standing ovation.
There is magic, undoubtedly, in the production videos, and a promise that post-production will bring more!

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