Tuesday, May 2, 2006


Photo by nailass on DeviantArt.com 
Poem from Voice of Dementia collection 2005-2006

Remnants of a decaying memory,
Gnaw at the soul like a parasite.
Neither drink, nor drug, would help,
Put up a worthy fight.
Patiently, comes the doom,
As the germ consumes it whole,
A perilous plague infects the soul,
A disease one cannot control.
It feeds on what is left,
Leeches out mirth.
Makes one question all the more,
One's existence,
The life lived,
The birth.
Robbing the soul hollow each day,
Meaningless it shall remain,
Thoughts - once beautiful,
Bear a tainted stain.
Loathe churns within the heart of hearts,
The soul hosts a parasite.
A decaying memory, 
A worthless fight.

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