Monday, April 9, 2018

H - Humor Yourself!

Comedy is very important, I have realized. To be able to laugh is a gift, really. And it’s become very important for me in the past year to watch something hilarious to be able to dilute the poisonous effects of everyday life accumulating and threatening to kill me at the end of the week. 

I have learned about myself that YES I am a dark person. I am a Goth at heart and I take to genres like thriller, horror, sci-fi, action adventure, etc. But I need a good mix of humor with all these to keep thing going for me. 
For instance, I enjoy watching Supernatural and nobody can challenge that the show is not funny. Despite the Leviathans eating corpses and humans, despite the demons with black goo oozing for blood, despite the invisible hellhounds that rip people’s guts out to shreds … I always manage to laugh out loud at Dean Winchester’s incredible, sarcastic sense of humor! 
Gilmore Girls is another binge watch on Netflix that I have found myself getting good doses of comedy from. Loralai is mad hilarious. Again, it is not senseless sitcom comedy. She’s deriving humor - cynical, sarcastic, dark humor - from the problems of her daily life!
Stand up comedies are also my thing because it is the same type of comedy - based on real life situations and being able to laugh about them!
So, please … humor yourself so you can erase the negative effects from your brain and have a clean slate for the next day!

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