Tuesday, April 11, 2017


From a cozy corner of my world I speak,
Thankfully, each breath I breathe.
Gifted with calm I preach,
In golden silence my soul finds peace.
I keep busy, far from Devil's reach.
My dear heart - nestled in ease.
It has seen storms at time's raging seas,
The mind rests ashore in time's gentle breeze.

This Spring (2017) I am committing to handwritten snippets of poetry wherever I can find the space to write. Letters and Pieces (2017) is a 30 poem collection written impromptu (according to prompts given by NaPoWriMo.net) throughout the month of April (2017) for National Poetry Writing Month. As days go by, the Index for Letters and Pieces will grow.

Day 09: Today's poem is - prompted by NaPoWriMo.net "I’d like to challenge you to write a nine-line poem. Although the fourteen-line sonnet is often considered the “baseline” form of verse in English, Sir Edmund Spenser wrote The Faerie Queene using a nine-line form of his own devising, and poetry in other languages (French, most particularly) has always taken advantage of nine-line forms. You can find information of various ways of organizing rhyme schemes, meters, etcetera for nine-line works here. And of course, you can always eschew such conventions entirely, and opt to be a free-verse nine-line poet."

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