Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#FoodJournals February 2017

Food Photo Of The Month: Tehri (Curd & Turmeric Vegetable Rice) Recipe HERE
February has been a very weird month. January skipped my life because I was traveling, my iPhone died for good and I was just traumatized by how horrible the trip was altogether. There were some seriously good fine dining adventures though. Instead of showing them all in one go here, I have decided to mention them as we go month to month and I attempt to recreate them. 
February's throwback is pretty tragic. In Karachi city there is some issue with the gas supply. Low gas made the flame go zero and when it couldn't heat the metal cookware we resorted to the old caveman technique of heating the bread over whatever little flame there was. 
I made Khichri this month specially for Maryam because it is a good mix of protein and carbs. Get the recipe HERE
Served on board my Emirates flight, this was the Arabic Mezzeh. Babaghanoush (seasoned, mashed eggplant), Hummus (seasoned, mashed chickpeas), Muhammara (a hot pepper dip with ground walnuts, breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil), and Sarma (Grape vine leaves, stuffed with rice, chopped mint, lemon juice, pepper, minced lamb). I am not a big fan of everything on this platter but I would seriously like to attempt the Sarma and Babaghanoush.
Cauliflower Leek Soup (a low carb alternative to the potato leek soup) was served on board too. Soups are on my 2017 Kitchen List and I intend on trying this out. I have Googled a good All Recipes recipe for it as well. 
Let's talk about sinfully delicious indulgence now. New York Coffee in Karachi is one little place that knows how to do its cakes and coffees right. It was super rich, very very moist, and incredibly delicious! Think Ovaltine, think fudge, think yum! There's a recipe I found on Sarah 'n Spice which incorporates marshmallows. Perhaps when I am in the mood for committing a high-calorie sin I'll stir this up.
I found Stone Hot Pizza in Virginia. This is whole wheat crust! Hats off! Pants Off! (omit the pants part please, I got too excited). When I found out after reading their menu I wanted to throw a happy dance fit right there. But I thought it wouldn't be wise. Totally enjoyed the Romano and the BBQ Chicken pizzas.  
There's a little moment I'd like to share. I always keep nutritious desserts ready for Maryam and Sooji Halwa is one of her favorites. She calls it the "Lellow Hawwa with Kimmich" which is baby talk for "Yellow Halwa with Kishmish (raisins)"
Kitchen's closed for February 2017 and open for March 2017! There are quite a few Springtime desserts I wish to try out for example something lemony is definitely part of my Spring Bucket List 2017.
What was your February cookery? What are your new plans for March as it speeds away? 

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