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Food Journals November

Following October, November is the second birthday month in the family. There is my birthday, and the very next day is my niece's birthday! 2 years ago, the little dumpling decided to come into this world the day following my birthday. So, the back to back birthdays really spark up the kitchen duties. This November was more eventful than usual. There was a Hajj lunch party that we hosted for the ladies in the 1st week, followed by the 2 birthdays I mentioned (mine and Maryam's), and then we went to Canada for Thanskgiving which brought more food adventures.



This was MY birthday cake done by Sara's Baked Creations! Mind blown! She was at it since 2 days while she had the prep of a second (Jungle Safari) birthday cake going on for the very next day. This woman's a legend! I helped design the color scheme - and by help I mean I listened to Sara yapping about what, where, how since eternity. Top tier is red and black fondant marbled. The lower is black damask and believe me ladies --- that damask mold was NOT easy. She was at it for hours, getting out the intricate pattern peeled out right! Had it been me I would have called it a day. For serious! She kept going --- messed her wrists and neck but kept going until it came out right!

The Grand and Glorious Cake

Jungle Safari Birthday Cake

And then there was THIS! Madagascar toppers, fondant leaves, grass tip piping, and a camouflage cake base created by a on-the-cake color mixing technique helped create this fabulous Jungle Safari birthday cake. It was fit for our Jungle Safari birthday theme for Maryam turning 2!


I am super proud of my serving idea for appetizers. Chaat went into plastic glasses and the layers showed beautifully! The guests bombarded me with so many compliments. My mother was very double minded about serving in glasses because who serves in glasses, right? WRONG! Only the awesome serve in glasses! Try doing that with your salads!

Lunch buffet


On Thanksgiving I was in Canada. There was a family reunion at my brother's in-laws' and there was food. Biryani was A1. A Desi cannot fail with Biryani. Paaye (goat's feet curry) were out of this world. There was no turkey, but there was roast chicken. Nobody was brave enough to make the first cut *LAUGHS* the hostess had to. It was good!


Chocolate Lasagna and a strawberry dessert enjoyed at our friend Areej's place. She'd invited us for dinner in honor of our Hajj. I was in heaven!


Some Chinese version of Masala Fries. Swwwweeet! Imagine fries sauteed in chili garlic sauce.


I was treated to this Chinese feast by a school time buddy Maryam who moved to Mississauga back in the day when we were in early college. Wok 'n' Roll will definitely be on my repeat eats if I ever come back to Mississauga. It had been so long since I last ate Chinese! The next would probably be in a very long time.


Sara's college buddy Yaman moved to Mississauga as well! She had joined us at Wok 'n' Roll and treated us to dessert at practically the BEST dessert places in Canada. I mean this could be the very winning deal for me in agreeing to move to Canada! Hooooooo-wee! Summer Fatness was the dessert in the cup! And, I have forgotten the name of the awesomeness in the plate. But this was great! The winning dessert; however, is the Summer Fatness in the goblet of indulgence, my friends!


Ozzie's Nature Burger
"A grilled all-natural vegetarian burger topped with breaded eggplant, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served on a Brioche bun."

I did not know that eggplant could be this delicious when presented as a breaded patty. I actually want to try this at home. 

Planet Earth Pasta
"Garlic, sautéed peppers, penne pasta tossed with a chunky marinara sauce. Topped with Parmesan cheese, cherry pepper and a baked breadstick."

Oh my God! Pasta makes me weak at the knees. This was so well done. There was a garlic breadstick at the side which was sooooooooooooooo soft and fresh! Can I say it again? I loved this!

Onion Rings and Fries

The overall dinner was light, delicious, and very fun! 

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