Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Abbie Says: #10 "Joke: You're It!"

It's very important to be able to laugh at yourself --- I figured that out the hard way but cleverly enough at the right time. Life's skilled to mock at you, ridicule you, and turn you into a laughing stock. When you learn to laugh at your mistakes, find sarcastic humor in difficulties, and even dark humor in your heartbreaks --- that's when you kill the world's strategy of trying to bring you down. 

I have laughed when I was called fat, a corner stone, mamma's baby, and etc. I laughed when I flunked a trigonometry test once [who passes that?], I laughed when an unworthy opponent won, I laughed when fraudulent teachers deliberately cut my scores off on tests, and I laughed when i wasn't chosen as one of the actors in a school play because the fat lady who was casting everybody thought I was too fat for the stage *SCRATCHES HEAD* [What the...???]

--- And I am still laughing, ladies ---

When I'm interrogated, criticized, and judged about being single, about being a stay-at-home home-managing woman, about losing my fertility as the years progress --- I have guts to laugh at myself. This does not mean I am not conjuring up a grudge against you. O! I am a master at holding grudges and I do not forgive if somebody hits a certain level of my self-worth.

But there should always be laughing room in the facade you put up before someone who is attacking to bring you down. Your laugh should be a signal to them ---
Why So Serious?


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    1. Darn it - I wanted to edit my response but it put that removed thing there. Anyhoo - sounds like you have had a lot to contend with. Life can sure throw us some curveballs sometimes.

  2. Wanted to say... thank you for being part of the Challenge and keeping up with it!
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