Thursday, April 7, 2016

Abbie Says: "#06 Facebook Is Everything"

Facebook is like the Matrix. If it is not on Facebook it is not real. Everything else is just --- wrong --- un-Facebook. Unfortunately, it is that way now and I speak from experience because I see a pattern! I wouldn't be surprised if people are asked to provide their Facebook profile URL along with their ID cards in the future. The way you keep your Facebook is what you really are! What can I do? That's the way it is, right? I mean they're catching bad guys now through their social media! How insane is that?
--- So if I go into stalker mode sometimes it is justified ---
I'm helpless, really, because I have reached the conclusion "Facebook Is Everything" because of the social dynamics (drama is the word) I have witnessed there. I found out that if someone does not exist on Facebook --- something is wrong. Who doesn't have a Facebook? The only people I have heard of who have stepped away from Facebook for good is those who are in hiding because of a divorce or depression and need a break from the world. That big white F in a blue square box is our social passport now! 

There are some hard and fast rules that apply:

  • If I don't see you interacting with me on my Facebook, you are ignoring me / are not interested in me / stalking me only.
  • If you don't reply to my comment on your Facebook updates, you don't want to show the world that you are my friend.
  • The quality of content you tag me in conveys a lot about what you think about me.
  • If you only talk to me in my Facebook Inbox, you are not comfortable with making our friendship public.
  • If I cannot see your Photos, and I know you put them there, I know that you do not consider me part of your close friends.
  • The way you portray yourself in your Selfies is what you really are! 
  • If you're hiding your year of birth --- you know what you did there!
  • If you have multiple Facebook profiles --- you're clearly acting different for different audiences, or one profile is the parent safe profile.


  1. In place of the rant I had composed, I shall merely say that I am not Facebook's greatest fan.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

    1. I have lost my liking for it too but there's this pressure of social existence!

  2. I think I have been very lucky. My FB pay is full of my real-life friends, friends I've reconnected with and my writing friends, published and unpublished. They are all very civilised, great fun, and power games and the weird stuff you have on your list does not occur. Maybe because I'm so old, we are all just past it, lol! ~Liz

    1. How I wish to grow old! You're fortunate!


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