Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goals For 2016: Reinventing The Abbie

2016 is a milestone year for me as I'd be blowing away my 30th birthday candle and jumping over the 20's hill. It has been a Mount Everest actually, hill would be an understatement for the horrendous rollercoaster I have been on. This is it! This is the point where I lay down the definition of ME in golden words for the world to read. This is the peak where I jab my proud flag into the summit of my existence and scream out loud who I am. This is where I take control and reinvent myself. This is where I amputate the negativity, the mistakes, toxic relationships, and downsides of the past 30 years. The positive vibes and aspects, the powerful bits of me, the high self-esteem bits, and the dash of sass bits that deflated in the mundane humdrum of household life are going to make a smashing reappearance! 

There's a lurking fear in my mind about turning into a couch potato, a muffin top, a jiggle jelly, and all of those funny fattie words. I have accumulated a couple extra pounds in the past few years. I need to melt those off on the treadmill. Of course I need to work extra hard on toning muscles and sculpting some muscle of course. So I'd be running more! 

Fibromyalgia, H.Pylori, GERD, lower back pain, and TMJ should brace themselves for serious battle with me. I have help from pain management and I am going to be making some major changes to my diet and lifestyle to fight back. I am set on a good NSAID and a relaxant. There is a bite plate set up. All I need now is to work on an anti-inflammatory diet and a lifestyle change.

Back in 2010 I used to vlog. I am not camera friendly so I did voice overs on videos and photos of my adventures. I seriously need to bring my voice back before I lose it. I have not yet decided if I'd do voice overs but I would definitely bring filming and videos back.

Supplements, meditation, prayer, physical activity - I am planning to do what it takes to tackle the stress and negativity once and for all. I am doing it all without a shrink and pills. I have never been to a shrink or taken pills. And I am going to do that again.

In 2015 I did the April A to Z Challenge, National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), October Photography Month, and October Poetry Writing Month. I intend to introduce new projects now. Some of my ideas (inspired and original) are:

  1. Happy Thoughts From The Happiness Jar (monthly)
  2. Wreck This Journal (weekly)
  3. Chit Chat Of A Mad Homemaker (hopefully weekly!)
  4. Desi Diaries (hopefully weekly!)
  5. Netflix Binges Of The Season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
  6. Food Journals (regular monthly Abbie's Cafe update)
  7. Abbie's Comics (regular monthly comics update)

I am going to invest a whole lot of time in:
  • Self-discoveryThere's a hermit living inside, waiting to be found and expressed
  • Become comfortable with my selfGod has planned things a certain way for me and I need to get comfortable with that way. I need to stop looking at other people's tracks and thinking when would I walk down the same path. I should learn to face the fact that I may never walk down the ordinary paths. 
  • Follow my gut feelingMy bowels may be constipated but my gut has always sent me the right signals.
  • Giving to othersI have enough for myself. I need to adopt an orphan somewhere and pay for his/her expenses. That's the way I wish to be remembered, I have decided ... my good reflecting in the life of another.
  • Spiritual enlightenmentI need to make my prayers stronger, understand my complete faith, and learn fully about whatever there is to know about religion so I may lead an exemplary life. 


  1. Okay. First ...
    1) LOVED this too much!
    2) I will be copying this of course.
    3) "bowels may be ..." Bahahahahaaaaa!
    Lastly, LOVE YOU :D Can't wait for more BestieTimes in 2016 insha'Allah :D

    1. I have toes and fingers crossed for amazing Bestie Times in 2016. Minus the first couple months.


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