Monday, October 12, 2015

Sara's Interviews Featured In "Themes That Rocked The Challenge"

April this year (2015) was pretty lively. Sara and I signed up for Blogging From A to Z Challenge where you pick a theme and you blog about it one alphabet a day. While I was writing about our Universal Orlando Grad Trip as a whole, Sara was doing Harry Potter magic and stuck to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. I may have slacked off, I must admit, because my life is like that of a hamster in a wheel. But Sara wrote like a boss and she is gifted with putting a spell on readers through her words. The challenge administrators chose her theme as one of those that rocked the challenge and sought her interview a couple of weeks back. Her interview is now proudly published on the A to Z Challenge website.

Some of my favorite lines she wrote in her interview are:

My sister, The Abbie (from Abbie's Adventure Diaries) and I are crazy Potterheads! Our annual family vacations have been to Orlando, Florida since the last few years. It's our own private little world where the two of us completely forget everything and have the time of our lives. It's our most favorite place in the world, basically.

The magic entrance to Platform Nine and Three Quarters came real close to being the coolest effect too but I have a biased love for that dragon in my heart! Hey, that's one gorgeous beast, it's not my fault!

What did you see that you wanted to come home with but didn’t? What’s the coolest purchase you did make?

The fire breathing dragon! Yes, imagine what it would have looked like on the roof of my house. Oh and the Hogwarts Express! I’d have the coolest transport arrangements. Sadly, they can’t let me have those regardless of how crazy of a Potterhead I am.


  1. OMG you wrote about meeeeeeeee!
    I love you <3

  2. OMG you wrote about meeeeeeeee!
    I love you <3


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