Thursday, April 2, 2015

Butterbeer, Cheers!

If you visit the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter and you do not over indulge in frozen Butterbeer, then you did not do it right. Understood? And you must buy a souvenir glass. They changed the glass design and we found the new one (photo above) with a pedestal-like base. Previously, it was a typical beer glass. I have a feeling the new design is for Diagon Alley and the beer glass is for Hosmeade. Buying a glass lets you get refills for a petty discount (not on the frozen butterbeer though). But the glass from one park e.g. Diagon Alley does not work at Hogmeade, and vice versa. The new glass design seemed to be announcing the celebration of our Great Grad Trip! 

When the Wizarding World was just a single park - Hogwarts and Hogsmeade - Butterbeer could be bought from Butterbeer carts and inside The Three Broomsticks from Hog's Head. But now there are more places to buy Butterbeer from because there's another extended version of the Wizarding World - Diagon Alley. 
The Fountain Of Fair Fortune is a Butterbeer joint at Diagon Alley. I absolutely fell in love with it because Butterbeer deserves a place of its own. The queue stretched all the way outside the shop along the rest of the shops. But, they had multiple servers so it moved pretty fast. It was the end of December but it was a humid day and the queue was pretty big because everybody was thirsty. I was wondering what the queues would be like in summers.
See those metallic barrels with taps? Those are loaded with Butterbeer! I could sit right under the tap and gulp down gallons. There are painted glass mirrors all around the shop to add to the ambiance.
I have always pondered over the recipe for Butterbeer. Butterscotch syrup and cream soda are definitely prime elements because all over the Internet those are what people have been using to re-create Butterbeer. 


  1. Love it! I still haven't been to the Wizarding World. I really need to. Good luck with A-Z! :)

  2. I haven't been to Disney World yet, but my son is now 8 and about the perfect age. I'll definitely have to make visiting Wizarding World a priority when we go! Butterbeer looks yummy.

    Visiting from the A to Z trail!


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