Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Photography Month (OctoPhoMo) 2019 Day 01 - Day 05

📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 01: Deserted Road
🏚 My work takes me places. I come across people who are ••• well, human and hence imperfect ••• some treat me with respect (willingly or coerced by the tenant landlord relationship 😆) ••• Others simply choose to unleash their demons at me ••• It’s a deserted road at the end of the day for me and my business partner (the younger sister), and we walk alone ••• But then a statement from an old acquaintance echoes “Two are never alone”

📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 02: Eating
Eating ••• That monster plant 🌱 quite accurately depicts the way I feel about people eating and me cooking •••

📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 03 “Garden”
📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 03 “Garden” ••• I do not exactly have a green thumb, having killed a hydrangea and shrunken a Moon cactus 🌵 (trying to revive it). So my idea of an ideal garden is THIS! Zero care!

📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 04: Magical Fall Sunrise (non-prompt)
The magical sunrises of Fall. 🍁 There are always a few golden seconds I can spare while dealing with the oatmeal cooking, yelling and screaming over setting the heat on in premature Fall, and the critique over the day’s agenda.

📸 OCTOPHOMO Day 05: Bundt Pan Love (non-prompt)
I love Bundt pans! It’s official! Just like succulents or faux plants these are a sure shot guarantee of beautiful cake! A simple glaze adds to the beauty! I don’t need to be a skilled baker / decorator to make a pro looking treat! 🎂

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