Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Goodbye Summer 2019

🌵🍉Goodbye Summer 2019 ••• It’s been a love hate relationship ••• While I loved picking unique blooms 🌺 for container gardening, the wasp and hornet 🐝 invasion that followed really cracked my nerves ••• The inflatable pool bashes in the backyard with the kids were fun but the pool cleanup sessions 🦠 broke my back and gifted me chronic muscle strain ••• Overall the adventures have been memorable! ••• 🍧 Snow cones, S’mores 🍡, a new cactus 🌵 (named it Grindelwald), Starbucks lemon 🍋 and strawberry 🍓 cake pops, a Hydrangea plant (named her Nymphadora Tonks), Ramadan 🌙, BBQs 🍖, Potterific July ⚡️ ••• It’s been a crazy summer!

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