Sunday, August 4, 2019

Abbie's Adventure Films: "The American Summer" Part 1 - July 2019

Oooooooooh! July of insane temperatures! Gone --- Goodbye --- See you! --- I really could have used Falcor the Luck Dragon somewhere in the middle! ---  I welcomed new blooms and deadheaded Nymphadora Tonks (my hydrangea). So, that's great news, I am not killing it so far and keeping 'em well-drained from thunderstorms! I hoisted the Star Spangled Banner to jumpstart July. A full day was hijacked by my mother and I was taken to the garden center to help book a red cedar mulch delivery for landscaping the nieces' playground area in the backyard. Also, to pickup some flowers for her outdoors decor. Bagged some Celosia Intenz and they are quite the show so far. The Fourth was a grand affair at Abbiesville. Pools were inflated (applaud the Intex 10 ft adult pool!), a unicorn, a mermaid, and an airplane float made it to the water! Some very happy, splashing nieces! --- Ah, there is always BBQ isn't it? --- While thunderstorms made the entire neighborhood hide indoors, the Madhous sneaked a quick BBQ on the Fourth --- It was a festive tale of S'mores (so American! seriously enjoyed the Hersheys S'mores kit!), pasta, salsa, skewered kababs and tikkas ----- My back was in pieces at the end of the day but as long as you get to float on a unicorn, you shouldn't complain! ---- The only regret, I still have to clean the BBQ grill grates and a month has gone by! Vinegar and baking soda await! ------  The Fourth ended with me watching the President's controversial speech event on TV. He'd conjured up a Marines dhow of airplanes and warcrafts --- I may not favor the politics ATM but I loved the show --- I live close to DC so the Marine aircrafts and choppers were seen flying overhead when we were splashing and backyard bashing in the late afternoon --- So proud and happy to be American!

I finalized my Summer Adventure Board --- broke into my new unicorn and llamas rainbow pajamas --- and went around enjoying the Instagram Stories feature (yes! I recently discovered the filming bliss that it is!) --- I've been showing the world my chores and mores --- Potterific July was in full swing on Instagram, hosted by Sara --- Showed some serious Potterhead Pride there --- I can't wait to be back at Hogwarts! ----- Made Summer magnets out of Llama and Cactus luggage tags  got from the Dollar Tree! ---

Lots of cooking as usual --- no new recipes though --- same old, same old --- lots of watermelon being eaten --- Summers! ---

I kind of did overcome my pet down in the dumps feeling that had been hanging for a very long time --- It has a lot to do with re-connecting with my madness and opening up about it --- no hiding, no hiding! ----- The mundane daily grind was also one of the contributors but now that I'm sharing the daily grind with the world, it feels good ---- Lit some Dragonblood incense, sang some old songs, and got over with most of the low feels --- I call my car the Black Pearl and myself the Prisoner of Azkaban --- that gets me through --- All's well that ends with a cup of Chai ---

Midway through July we had a problem --- the inflatable pool turned green with major, stinking, algae growth --- cleanup was a dread! --- The stink registered in the brain and was felt for another week just psychologically ---

Sara actually got to see Aladdin for the second time! --- I skipped --- We all go a little mad sometimes --- It was a balloon dancing kind of mental state --- I dined with my ol' lady at Red Robin instead and helped her pick a yet new load of formals for my brother ---

Aunt Life was at its best as usual --- Ludo Wars! I was convicted of cheating (I'm a smooooooooth criminal) ---- Mannee has developed a taste for my brains, she's been feeding on 'em --- We are talking concerts of self-made songs, and aimless wanderings about the house looking for prohibited items to eat --- At the end of the day when the two dinosaurs depart the house is like the ending of Jurassic Park! ---

Making myself feel good about the full moon in my bathroom window and bagging a motorized toothbrush on Amazon Prime day! --- cleanups continued as per usual --- Madhouse works do not give thought to human needs of rest! --- The bloody sunroom door glass is broken! That's what happens when people keep banging it! --- The neverending grocery runs could have killed me had it not been for the Costco samples entertaining my taste buds! ---

Best part about July ---- Hot Topic and Box Lunch merch began arriving at our doorstep --- Early Christmas like feels! --- Aladdin's Funko Pop showed up --- love! ---

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