Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Abbie's Adventure Films: "The American Summer" Part 2 July 2019

It won't be wrong to say my mid summer state of mind was like one of those inflatable balloons waving frantically outside shops! Things have been pretty crazy at Abbiesville. Chores have been the usual ---  

A Red Robin luncheon concluded July for me. Later, of course the awesomeness of the Banzai burger thinned away as I was tortured in the JCPenney men's section. This was my mother buying clothes yet again for my brother. 

Aunt life's been buzzing as usual! Kids are quite a handful --- little bundles of high energy! I was playing Paw Patrol Ludo (getting blamed for cheating!), listening to Mannee yelling away on her microphone live in concert, reading aloud as she ate her lunch, making her cheesy egg sandwich and Maggie noodles on the weekend, and getting her to have fun while we did chores. She was our Roomba cleaning robot as we vacuumed. The nieces have turned my brains into a rainbow and unicorns hot sauce. At my dentist's I found myself looking for Nemo in their aquarium! 

Potterific July rolled by and I loved participating. Sara was the Boss Lady this year again, second in a row! And she has an army of Potterheads following the challenge on Instagram now! 

Heat advisory was on! Insane, soaring temperatures as high as 96 degrees and beyond! I got out the summer dresses so I could roam around all breezy for a while! Yet, always to return home for a piping cuppa tea! The inflatable octopus lays faint --- Summer should die now please. 

Quite a few great buys this month. Got a motorized toothbrush on Amazon Prime day! I am calling it Jughead! Yes, I name my gadgets. There was my Harry Potter merch coming in --- a gorgeous Gryffindor journal and a Weasley's Wizard Wheezes shop themed coin purse (I am using it to hold my candy!). I also got my Aladdin Funko Pop! Adorable little thing! The detailing on the Pops is incredible!

On the kitchen front I made chicken chili, pineapple fried rice, and Baisan ki Kadhi this month for some change of flavor. Cookings are always followed by cleaning! You cook you clean! Even Mannee the niece was making pizza for the baby (her baby sister). S'mores at the BBQ came as a throwback from July Fourth BBQ. Gotta have more s'mores.

 I don't know what's worst --- chores upon chores or pool cleaning! --- Well, nothing comes out of pool cleaning except that unfriendly croaking frog scaring the daylights out of me. Also, my gluteal muscles are gone! Chores get me Costco samples. I am talking Peach Cider! That's what I pretended to get drunk on!

On another crappy note a door glass shattered! Impact! This is what people do at the Madhouse. Door feels stuck due to loose hinges so lets slam it like trolls until a double paned glass shatters! This is why horror movies come off as comedy to me. Speaking of horror movies, The Boy was our pick this month and I was seriously disappointed!

July ended with drowning my troubles away in a deathly Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Deathly cheers! 

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