Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Abbie's Goals 2018

Blimey! January is over already, and I beat it by a hair to put up my 2018 goals. I feel goals and resolutions are overrated (since I always fail at making them and meeting them! *winks*). Everybody does 'em when a new year takes off and it sort of pressures me. My big life theme for 2018 is "The Year Of The Freak" where I am focused on living with lesser pressure and more in survival mode, focusing on giving myself quality 'Me Time'. 
I live a gypsy lifestyle and my home office / writer's den / study / my burrow is where I exist. A makeover's been in the pipeline (no pun intended! there's a toilet leak and sewage line corrosion problem at one of my rentals!). It's high time I give the final touches to the place and officially present it to the world. What have we been waiting for, me hearties? - Simple! I was waiting to re-visit the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter to grab all the merch after I rekindled my fandom in 2017. I have finally bagged the magic I needed!
I'll be participating once again in some of the creative events that have become a routine now. I do not think I can survive the first half of the year without these two things happening. Spring is marked by National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) in April and the 6 week Middle-Earth movie marathon #6WKMMM.
I have been putting this one off for a long time simply because  I have never been comfortable writing full sentences, details, and explicit negative thoughts. I have found an alternative way to record things. Bullet points, good-humored words and phrases, and comical representation will go into my personal journal. 
Not everybody has time to read. Just like the journal is going to be precise, this blog will be a quick read as well. Short, simple, more pictures, less words.
Happy 2018! 

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