Friday, August 4, 2017

Wizarding World Book Club: Chamber of Secrets Theme 'Home'

I joined the Wizarding World Book Club by Pottermore this week *BLINK BLINK* (What was I waiting for?). Since I am re-reading the Harry Potter books again (as part of reclaiming my life!), this comes as the perfect little treat that connects me to the fan world of Potterheads doing the same. Every week the WW Book Club is initiating Twitter discussions based on a theme from the chapters of the books being read that week. This week was Chapters 1 through 5 from The Chamber Of Secrets and I was ready to Tweet!

I was excited today about my first WWBook Club Twitter discussion. I had calculated the equivalent of EST according to the 4pm BST they had announced for the session to begin. Questions were posted and I indulged!
So that's that! Next week theme is celebrity and I am guessing it would have a lot to do with Professor Gilderoy Lockhart!

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