Friday, August 18, 2017

Wizarding World Book Club: Chamber of Secrets Theme 'Phobias"

Hey Potterheads! Happy Friday!
I made a slightly late start on the Twitter discussion today. Let's just say we had a bit of a time issue and I don't have a working Time Turner yet. We were talking about phobias today. The Harry Potter saga is about courage if you ask me to address the crux in one word. You stand up to your enemies, and you stand up to your friends at times too! And of course, the need for courage arises when there are looming fears and phobias. Phobias and fears limit us. Harry battled fears and phobias in the wizarding world everyday. Ron did it with hilarious drama! Hermoine did it with remarkable poise. Whatever their styles were ... they pushed their limits. Let's check out today's discussion. You can tell by the alarm Label I set on my phone I was so happy it was Friday!

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