Monday, August 21, 2017

The Wacky Finds Of August 2017

August 2017
The Wacky Finds Series is a monthly madness prompt happening at Sara's (my sister, my bestie!) blog, Sara Writes. In her words here's what it is all about.

"These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!"

So here are my top 5 Wacky Finds of the month!
The Creepy Unicorn
Bestie will kill me for this! That's her under there!

Venus Flytraps At Safeway
The instructions say 'feed dead flies' which is why I opted out!

The Head! 
No clue if this is real! Found this at Home Goods.

The Horse 
I love horses. But I am not a fan of this! It has no body.

A brand called Harry's (men stuff) at Target has done great advertising. I would like to see a ladies brand do something like this! Instagram actually has men posting photos to the #ownyouram and they like posting not just the shaving hour, but also their morning bike ride, morning jog, etc.

"That's all folks! Until the next five Wacky Finds, have a wacky day!"

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  1. Hahahahahaha! OMG I am featured as the Unicorn hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


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