Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Lessons Learned At 30: "In God I Trust"

  • God exists - I believe.
  • He has always helped me and He always comes around.
  • He helps those who are patient.
  • If He keeps something from me it is for my own greater good.
  • He forgives, I know He has forgiven me.
  • He listens when I cry.
  • He Guides me when I call Him.
  • His Signs are everywhere.
  • No one evil is safe from His wrath.


  1. Great post xx I believe in God too. He has helped me in various ways and hopefully I'm living my life to please him. Keep up the good work xx

    1. Good luck and God bless to the both of us!

  2. I believe, too. Very fun blog.

    My A-Z post The Genealogy Search Continues:
    J is for Jewish Genealogy

    1. I am so happy you called my blog fun! I put a lot of effort into it.


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