Monday, April 4, 2016

Limericks Of Abbie Dragonblood (2016)

Limerick is going to be my poetry style of choice for the National Poetry Writing Month 2016. A Limerick poem follows the aabba rhyming scheme. I chose it because it is short and I can weave poems faster and on a daily basis without failing miserably. Furthermore, to elaborate the fun reason why I chose this style: it is supposed to be funny, "humorously indecent" is how Google describes it at one place, and nonsense. I am taking out the sexual context out of it because limerick stretches far beyond its literal definition and rules of poetry today. 
I am hitting the third decade mark of my life. Yes, world, I am turning 30 this year. It is a matter of ecstatic pride for me and I have requested Sara's Baked Creations to start planning a monumental cake for the occasion. The social sphere however has a different view of ladies who turn thirty and are still single and haven't popped out kids. This social sphere ticks like a time bomb and even though I keep my safety distance --- it explodes every once in a while and the filthy, negative insides slither all over like maggots. Too graphic, aye? That's what Limericks Of Abbie Dragonblood are going to be about. 
This list of poems below will populate as April progresses and I compose the sarcasm!

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