Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016: The Morning After The #BallDrop

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I am awake and taking orders from a screaming Mom while at least 40% of the planet would be waking up to a hangover after the New Year Eve party last night. That gorgeous ensemble up there in the photo is a little festive decor Sara and I put together as we watched the Times Square Ball Drop (the mad Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper) and took selfies with Gubbers. Today, as sadists spoke yesterday, is just another regular day and nothing has changed. Except of course the garbage pickup is on holiday and I have a stinky trash bag to put out urgently. 


The Ladies League was watching CNN for most of the day yesterday since midnight was happening in the Middle East while I was serving the last lunch of 2015 and making a gorgeous pizza for the last dinner of 2015. The Address Hotel in Dubai caught fire and became a horror news story just half hour before the magnanimous fireworks display was about to go off from the tallest building in the world there - the Burj Khalifa. Hearts skipped beat because everyone could only think of one word "terrorists" in the heat of the moment. Of course, these monsters come out to play whenever the world is getting ready to celebrate something happy. Thank God, it was an accidental fire and nobody was killed. The glorious fireworks display went off a planned as the Arab world welcomed 2016. I remember early 2009 when I was visiting Dubai with Sara on a college trip. The Burj Khalifa tower was under construction and its height just put me in awe. How do those men work up there?

I wished my girlfriends in Dubai, Pakistan, and India and my FB status was immediately stolen by Sara! Of course it was a fully credited theft! *LAUGHS*
"All my girlfriends in Lahore, Karachi, India & Dubai! ✪✪✪Happy New Year 2016✪✪✪ May Allah fill your new year with the confetti of His blessings, the fireworks of His favors, & glitter of His gifts, ameen! Lahore/Karachi I hope you have danced on the streets and beaches like crazy and recklessly shot guns in the air as usual. May you be safe! India, I hope you continue to give us more awesome Bollywood in 2016! And Dubai, may Allah keep you tall, shining, & safe! And tagging all:"
I was busy making pizza and a sugar-free cinnamon swirl cake for the rest of the afternoon. The pizza crusts were ready made from Giant. They are these specialty crusts made from a couple of different good flours like semolina, flaxseed, and '00' pizza flour. So, they are good for low G.I. diets. More on the pizza later.
The sugar-free cake was Pillsbury mix. Sara wasn't feeling too well to make a NYE cake so I did the cheat honors. All this completed by sunset and then I passed out. In that passing out I missed wishing my girlfriends living in the Europe side of the planet. And so it went up late but just in time.

"Happy 2016 to my girlfriends in UK, Netherlands, Mauritius, and Cambodia! I passed out at 6pm my time when I was supposed to wish Europe! Was making pizza for family and died temporarily of back pain! Loads of love all around the world. You all make the colorful, diverse mix of my friendship palette!"
That 3,000 lbs worth of confetti that showers down at the New York Times Square Ball Drop when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, actually has wishes from all across the globe written on it. They are 2 by 2 inches cards that are collected from the Welcome Center at Times Square where tourists and visitors put them up in their handwriting. Also, they take online wishes and turn them to confetti. My wish was one of them this year. I wrote on the Online Wishing Wall:
"I wish for the adventures to continue in 2016! God Willing!"
Then we tuned in to CNN for the New Years Eve programming LIVE by Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.

Griffin kind of gets a little crazy and you have to take care if there are kids in your household. Cooper gets the full dose of her bullying. Last year she dyed his hair red and blue. The white bit was already there since he has Draco Malfoy's hair color.  
See? There is a comparison existing on the Internet!
This year she sprayed the poor guy with tanning spray and helped him with his problem of being pale. I liked the idea of having him cover his blue eyes with spoons though. 
Then Sara and I went on a Tweeting spree to try and get our tweet flashing on that ticker! We've been trying every year since at least two years now and it has never once showed up. We figured it is all random but when will random get lucky for us? Here's my tweeting and how I rang in 2016.

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