Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Silver Spoon Kabobs: An Artistic Eatery

A creative expressionist such as myself found it a bonus to dine at an eatery that offered great food AND food for the soul as well. Usually, Desi diners serve scrumptious feasts but lack the interior design component. Why does it matter? Because dining should be an experience more than just tantalizing of taste buds. It should treat the mind and senses as well.

Founded in 2004 by the Mahmood family, Silver Spoon Kabobs is a flavorful place in Gaithersburg, Maryland. They boast of "mom's homemade recipes" and that explains it all! Best of all is that they are health-friendly. Typically such diners have dishes oozing with ghee (animal fat shortening). Their website clearly mentions that they keep the salts under control and do not use animal fats! We were greeted, entertained, and served by the very hospitable Aysha who is the daughter. She is the mastermind behind the creative ambiance. I just had to ask her whose idea was it and she said it was hers.  

The counter-top window seating wins bonus points! It is set up to function like a mini library. It is ideal for lazy afternoons when a writer needs some inspiration with some good food. The hustle and bustle outside is of people visiting neighboring eateries and grocery marts.

The place has a very healthy philosophy. They promote boxed water, and have gluten free and vegan options on their menu. So there is something for everybody there, even the diet and health conscious eaters. 

Silver Spoon Kabobs takes great pride in their Mango Lassi. Aysha told us they make hundreds per week and it is a must try! Of course it is a heavy duty drink which we couldn't afford to chug down given our big dinner menu - so we know what we'll be craving next time!

While we waited for our dinner order, we savored the meat samosas and potato cutlets (tikkis). An awesome appetizer is like a mighty good news that a delicious meal is to follow. The samosas were a perfect balance between soft and crisp, super flavorful, and the tikkis were deliciously spiced and fried crispy on the outside. 

 The Kabob Roll wins a standing ovation. The Tandoori chicken was delicious and as Aysha said the french fries were awesome! A fry is 5/5 stars when it is jumbo sized and still super crisp and rightly salted.
 You know it is a fabulous diner when they get their chicken biryani right Silver Spoon Kabobs has great chicken biryani!
 We needed curries so we ordered butter chicken and nehari. The butter chicken won my heart. It is a simple home style dish but so flavorful. I made a mental note that I would be re-creating this at home.
The nehari was beef and it was perfectly soft to the core. The spices were just right, not blazing hot like nehari I have had at other places. Nehari is a game of spices. Either you mess it up, or you master it. Silver Spoon mastered it. I enjoyed the flavorful beef, the rich curry, and I didn't have to take an anti-acid at night!
 Fluffly naan glazed with butter and garlic is a show-stealer for me. The naans were so light and delicious. I was worried I would over eat and have trouble rolling over in my sleep. They complimented the butter chicken and the nehari perfectly. My mother was having a grand time eating them without curry.
The combos are a great way to enjoy 2 kabob choices in one order. We needed kabobs and we got the beef and chicken combo. Awesome kabobs! They live up to their name. 
I need to throw in a dance sequence here please, the ice cream was THAT good! Just the right amount of sweet, creamy, and topped with the traditional sugar-coated fennel seeds from the Indian subcontinent's after-meal tradition. I fell in love!
There are small aesthetic pieces that are eye-catchers at Silver Spoon Kabobs. It makes the diner stand out from the ordinary casual diners around the DMV area. A beautiful chandelier overhead greets you as you enter, a filigree metal rack welcomes you with Pan Masala and adverts, and there is art on all walls!
The diner functions as an art gallery for local artists and the work on display is for sale. I realized that when I noticed the price tags on the canvases while I waited for the appetizers. Instantly, I knew I was in a creative place. The lamps that hang from the ceiling were decorated in season for Fall. Aysha changes the theme as the seasons change! That's my kind of thing! I just saw they have their winter holiday decor up on their Facebook Page

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