Thursday, December 24, 2015

Me & My Phone Challenge

Noor had this intriguing little phone challenge survey on her blog. And my loyal smartphone buddy has been longing for attention.

What is your phone model?
My magic machine is an iPhone 6.

How many time you put your phone on charge every day?
My iPhone's on drip feed [I like to think of the charger cable as an IV *laughs*] when I go off to sleep so it flashes me a magic 100% in the morning at Fajr time. At times when I'm hyper-texting [like a gone case] all day, or calling the entire United States, I need to recharge sometime in the afternoon.

How many apps do you currently have on your phone right now?
About 20 Apps. 

Which app consumes the most battery on your phone? 

What was your last used app & what were you doing?
Facebook! I was catching up on the world.

The number of photos on your phone.

Who was the last person you called?
Walmart Pickup! And they never picked up! THREE calls! 

What are some inactive apps you want to delete, but too lazy to do so, eh?
Snapchat. My brother made me install that and I am clueless because I don't understand why would I make 7 second videos and see them disappear.

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