Monday, October 12, 2015

Rejoicing Fall

A time of amber, crimson shades,
Begins to charm the senses.
Crumpled leaves dance in the wind,
Dancing life's most sacred dances.

Enchanted scenes stretch out before me,
Fantasy; it seems, the world has become.
Gifts of Fall are one too many,
How beautiful this season blossoms!

I rejoice the colors of Fall.
Joy, to me, is feeling the chilly breeze,
Kindling the flame of a creative soul.
Love, to me, is its colorful tease.

Mixing hues of reds, purples, and gold.
Never ending is the story of Fall's beauty,
Oh! How it visits me each year!
Unleashes a treasure of prose, art, and poetry.

Questions flood one's mind, how it changes,
Raging heat to gentle chill,
Soothing a perturbed mind,
Taming a wild heart without a pill.

Undeniable is the Lord's artistic mastery,
Void are all man made wonders.
Why should I not close my eyes and embrace the
Xenith of Fall and its grandeur?

You can rejoice when you embrace it whole, and its
Zephyr kisses your broken soul.

Prompt: "A,B,C, Easy As 1,2,3"

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