Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last Day Of Summer: Thoughts & Lessons

  • Do not compromise on standards: Quality, Character, Moral and Social Status, Money Value, of anything whether it is a vacuum cleaner, a shaving razor, or a prospective marriage proposal. A compromise on standards is a fol's decision. It is a loss of a lifetime.
  • There will be many who will convince you to accept a compromise; a mediocre choice, a lesser standard. Remember, mediocrity comes easy but has flaws and kinks and will cause an annoyance of a lifetime. Perfection is everything. In lifestyle, in religion, in cooking, and in making life choices.
  • Relationships that have failed you are like a decayed birch of a tree which will not yield fruit regardless of your desperate attempts at fertilizing and landscaping. It is best to have the birch chopped off. It is useless to try and convert someone's emotional disconnect into genuine concern. So do not force fruitless relationships.
  • Only pick fruit from familiar soil. New people are mostly intolerant of you as a new person.
  • Art and creative expressionism is the only way you can get through the day
  • Love is an excuse we make to survive.
  • Understand that you are a tool and live an emotionally disconnected life for less heart ache.

Journals Of An Uncanny Writer

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  1. I love what you wrote. EVERYTHING. And yes, love is the best excuse to live happily x


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