Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Babble: Bugs, Mission Summer Cleaning, & I

“And where shall I take thee, O estranged heart of mine.”
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After a major fun Eid last weekend I was absolutely not in the mood for the week to begin. I mean come on, there is no weekend better than the one where you take out a sizzling full chicken roast out of the oven! Monday sounds like the biggest swear word on the planet when you have enjoyed three days of Eid to the max. But duty calls, as they say. Who said this by the way? Let me Google. Okay I am getting a lot of Call of Duty results and I am in no mood for further exploration of cyberspace right now. Later. 
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Mission: Summer Cleaning took off on Monday. I got just enough human time to have Chai and get some chiropractic done and then I began cleaning out my closet - in fact re-arranging it after an electrician's visit to fit surveillance cams made it look like a Greek tragedy. There was a whole lot of putting the clothes on hangers and hanging them. I managed to empty out two trunks worth of old clothes that my body has grown out of. They are going into the donation boxes. I have two giant trash bags loaded with them. They're perfect! Just out of size. 

Tuesday was Terminix day. Well, my agent informed me that there were a couple of baby roaches strolling around in the kitchen at one of my rentals and I was in no mood to let the planet get invaded by giant roaches. From my years of living in Karachi, I am familiar with a 3 1/2 inch long giant cockroach. Some of them even have wings (without Red Bull!). Mum and I were like: "What's the big deal? Cockroach hee tou hain (they're just roaches)."
But the Terminix lady spoke of them like spawn of Godzilla and said they would multiply to 7,000 in one week. *rolls eyes* We used simple bug spray every night in Karachi to nuke the ones in our kitchen. But then again, we never really got rid of them. They got rid of us. So, I ended up having the treatment done and they are going to come back for followups.

I have begun writing that novella again. It's private but it is my peace of mind, heart, and soul. I figured I am sick of planning and drafting and I will just go with free writing. After all, I may never get it published (too many real life dialogues and references! I'd be killed!). 

The rest of the week was a big blur between grocery shopping and Mission: Summer Cleaning. I am not a big fan of grocery shopping but I try making the wholesale store appear like a wonderland by focusing on the free samples they hand out there. There were organic wheat crackers this time that I tasted. They were animal shapes! 

I was pretty annoyed and frustrated by the end of this week because orders were being shot at the speed of light. Things needed to be done!
Health-wise I was not really in the best state. The peptic aches came back because of constantly taking NSAIDs. Well, I had an overacting TMJ and backache and I thought the NSAID was alright. KABOOM! My stomach died!

I am bringing my almost thirty to cyberspace! I think this year is the best time to begin. I am turning 29 in November and I still have an year and a half left to accomplish my plans of world domination!

Hook was my watch of the week with Sara. It was on ABC Family a while ago and Sara recorded it. We're watching it in chunks. Captain Hook never fails to amuse me!

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