Friday, June 12, 2015

National Blog Post Month: April, Theme: GROW

I did a couple of entries for BlogHer NaBloPoMo April. The theme was "GROW" and I had some reasonable contributions to make. I debuted into original photography for my blog, so the artistic graphics you see are from my own camera. Each red title directs you to the full article.

The Growth Of Me

"As a disturbed teen (typical, with voices in my head) I always used to think that I will forever reside in the labyrinth of thoughts in my head - never growing as a human being. Well, I grew and the labyrinth changed. The thoughts may still be a jumble, and the voices in my head still continue to chide, but I learned to grow out of a lot of things." 

"Peter Pan and the boys swore never to grow up. In my fantasy state of mind I have sworn the same. But I can feel age creeping up while I am asleep. One day the feet I'd put out of my bed will be wrinkled and crooked. I can't stop that from happening, really, there are no potions. And I am the type who would love to get grey in my hair!" 

"Friendships, like holidays, greeting cards, and movie awards, have become so commercialized now. It is all about give and take more than sacrifice and 'friend in need' theory." 

"Nobody knew that my palms were sweating, my heartbeat was thudding like jungle drums in my ears, and my face was blazing hot as I sat with a "rockstar-ready-to-perform" face at my first public speaking competition ..."

"Desi folks have an inborn obsession with doctors and engineers. Some hold the professions in such high regard that they do not want anybody from their future generations to become anything but those. There are women in my distant family who believe in Doctor Brides for the doctor sons. That's right - they are breeding a race of doctors."

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