Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sister Moms - They Need To Be Acknowledged

This Mother's Day my sister Sara gifted me a beautiful birdcage wall decor piece and put up a message on her Facebook that read:

Having a sister is like having a bottle of Tylenol Extra Strength on an Island Of Migraines. Okay, seriously disturbing example but so heartfelt. She actually pointed out my worth over the past few years. I mean I always run into "Mom blogs", "Mommies clubs", and the whole deal about "Mommerce" and I feel left out because I haven't popped out my own baby yet. Many a times I cannot carry discussions forward with friends who are moms and they can simply shut you down by telling you: "wait till you have kids". Well, I just gave it a thought and realized that except for breastfeeding and diaper changing I am living an equally "Mommified" life as these ladies.

Each day of my life since the past five years I have been making lunch boxes, cooking food, cleaning up, driving to and from school, making more food, more cleaning, paying the bills, helping with studies and projects, and executing excellent home care for my mother. Yet, I am not part of the Mommies Club. So, suppose I die single (due to the chronic shortage of gentlemen and Salman Khan's break from marriage), and bear no children, my efforts will just slip away into oblivion. I can already see it happen when lunchboxes are picked up without a word of thanks, food is eaten without a word of appreciation, and there's not enough vaseline ever to break my chapped palms.
Morning shift, noon shift, evening shift, dinner shift, night tea shift - I continue to serve. There are so many like me who; in absence/place of a parent or both, literally raise siblings and run the household. They are not considered part of any parents' or mommies clubs. I acknowledge them today. Sister Moms I salute you.

I just meandered into cyberspace then to hunt for any blogs, websites, or forums that actually acknowledge big sisters as second mothers. I really like Kindered Grace and the entry Big Sister: Second Mom. Katie, the author, invites the reader to fill in the blank "You know you're the second mom in a big family when..." with a "second mom" sentence. Here I go:

You Know You're A Second Mom When:
  • You're packing the school and work tiffins
  • Your sister turns to you for all the "boo-boo's"
  • You have to take a "closer look" at rashes, poop, and other funny stuff
  • You lay like a dead body on the bed at the end of the day and have no strength to pray
  • You wake up super early and gobble down oatemeal podge to get your "system" running
  • You cannot shower without someone knocking to ask some question
  • You are the sole person who can get the grocery right
  • You are on phone with CVS, doctors' offices, utility people, and everybody boring


  1. Sisters are indeed a blessing and tons of work. Sounds as if you know all of that.

    1. Super thanks for visiting me. My turn next!

  2. Helloooooooooooooo dear sister, what have you got there? :D


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