Monday, September 8, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: A Crispy Netflix Binge

After an year of being missing, queen bee Alison's body is discovered. But if Ali is dead, who is sending Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Aria the creepy text messages with the alias of "A"? This anonymous villain knows all their secrets - past and present, and is giving them a good scare for it all. Handwritten notes, spooky souvenirs, creepy silhouettes following them around - everything matched the description of the kind of TV show I would want to get hooked to. It has been almost four seasons worth of watching and I cannot seem to get enough of the murder mystery thriller. 
There is an insane amount of secret-keeping / sharing going on between these friends, and Alison DeLaurentis used to be the center of it all. Secrets are what kept the girls together, and now that she is gone those secrets are coming back to haunt them from an anonymous villain who knows everything. I keep getting more and more amazed by how twisted human beings can become if they don't control their instincts and negative abilities.
PLL is a fashion magazine on its own. Each of the girls has a fashion type. Their's the high-achiever, super-nerdy, super corporate Spencer (in yellow), the sporty Emily (blue), the fashionista Hanna (white), and the edgy Aria (red and black) (that's more my style).
The friendships portrayed in PLL are just too unreal. The girls stick together in the toughest of times. They have opposite personalities, they argue and fight, but in the war against A, and almost everything else, they have each others' backs. I do not believe friendships like those actually exist. So, it is practically a jealousy trigger. I look at fiction friendship happening and I go green.
Hannah Marin is my favorite Pretty Little Liar. She is reckless, blows over emotionally, has a fat (as in overweight) past, and some pretty serious insecurities. I click with that, so I adore Hannah Marin. The way she rules the present with amazing self-esteem makes her such a star.
The show should not be mistaken for some high-school drama despite Rosewood High and the cliched girl types. It has more mature content than I initially imagined. The heartbreak, the betrayal, the deceit, the confusion, and the delirium is all more than just teenage mayhem. 

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