Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sipping Like A Rockstar On Earth Day! Don't Judge!

I may not be learning to play the guitar anymore but it certainly doesn't stop me from acting like a rockstar, does it? Do not judge, I am not an energy drinks junkie. I am a caffeine junkie? 100% But not the energy drink kind. The can looked super cool and I was a sleep-deprived impulse buyer standing at the checkout point at Target. So, I caved in. Plus, the can said the perfect words for my wishful thinking:
"Rockstar Energy Drink is designed for those who lead Active lifestyles – from Athletes to Rockstars Rock on!"
I am not pro energy drinks but I wanted to try it out for the thrill. I wanted the can for keepsake. Red Bull (sugar-free) used to be my favorite several years ago, but then I gave up because it couldn't really tackle my chronic fatigue. 

It was Throwback Tuesday today and I posted Po Teddy's old photograph of one of his binge sprees. That is one of my recipes he is hogging down. Silly.

On a greener note, it was Earth Day today. It rained - I call that eventful. Earth Day used to matter in elementary school. Everybody was supposed to participate in something or the other. Some made posters, some made models, and some grew plants. I always seemed to germinate pulses and take the sprouted mini-plants for display. The deal was to put some lentils on cotton and water daily. I used to keep my bowl where it could get sunlight. Of course, the lentils were discarded after the day was over because they were of no use. I tried planting them in the soil once - they died.

It's almost midnight, I am calling it a day.

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