Monday, April 21, 2014

Sara's Baked Creations: Snickerdoodle & Nan Khatai Cookies

I am the cinnamon-type-of-lady as Sara puts it. The combination of sugar and cinnamon is magic. If that can be done to a cookie (one of the C's I love in life) then I am all eyes and ears. Sara couldn't stop talking about these the day she was making them. The house smelled heavenly when they were baking. Snickerdoodles got their name from New England's tradition of whimsical cookie names. The English, Scottish, and Dutch people brought these names and cookies to the United States. Thank the English! Some of the whimsical names were Jumbles, Plunkets, and Cry Babies.
Eating the Snickerdoodle was a favor I did to myself. This is officially my favorite cookie in the world. It was soft and chewy, tasted like cake! It is a distant relative of the Indian / Pakistani Nan Khatai for me. Speaking of Nan Khatai, Sara is a maestro at those too! 
Nan Khatai is eggless and has a truckload of sugar. It is the most delicious little cookie in the world though. It is super light, very crunchy, and insanely sugary. You can actually feel the sugars melt in your mouth. I love them Nan Khatais BUT since they are so deadly sugary I am more loyal to the Snickerdoodles now. 
They stayed for several weeks in an airtight jar and the taste remained the same super-scrumptious like it was on day one. The crispy, chewiness remained the same too. I was having these in the mornings and sometimes as a midnight snack. God! I became an addict. Must ask Sara to make some more. It's been a while :) Like a month or something.

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